Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek - 2047

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Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek - 2047

Cargo for 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 43 AMG®


2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 43 AMG® Change Vehicle


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Collapsible Shopping Crate

Shopping Crate - Collapsible - Anthracite

Wagon, floor trim.

Luggage Net, Floor Of Load Compartment

Prevents lightweight objects from sliding around during your journey.

Refrigerator Box

Coolbox - Black / Grey - Polyester

Not only cools but warms too. Cools to up to 20?C below ambient temperature - to max. -2?C. Can be switched to warming function. Robust- highly insulated hard case with fabric cover- outside pockets and padded shoulder strap. Capacity: 24 litres. Can be connected to 12 V socket in vehicle or to 230 V power source via separately available rectifier. Cools to up to 20C below ambient temperature to max. -2C.

Boot Tub - Shallow - Black

Made from impact-resistant- non-slip polypropylene. Suitable for transporting foodstuffs. Structured surface holds separately available stowage crate in place. vehicles load-securing rings remain accessible.

Snap-In Module For Load Compartment

Partition your load compartment to suit your requirements and prevent the contents from sliding around. The brackets can be freely positioned along the outer edges of the load compartment floor. The systems telescopic frame provides a secure hold. Factory- ...

Rectifier - Black

Allows the coolbox to be connected to a 230 V socket at home.

Boot Tub - Deep - Black / Plastic

Deep edge all round. Made from flexible, impact-resistant plastic. Suitable for transporting foodstuffs.