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Mercedes-Benz Car Covers

When you put your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in storage, you probably keep it outdoors, if not in your shop or garage. Unfortunately, even sheltered from weather and ongoing projects, that car or SUV you love can still get nicked or scratched. Plus, dust and debris, not to mention everything else that's airborne, can still build up on your seats, among other things -- even if your doors and windows are shut tightly and locked.

Looking for a better way to safeguard your investment? Put on some car covers. They'll do the job whether you store your vehicle indoors or out. There are two kinds.

Exterior car covers are one. They protect your car body, including your windows and paint job, against scuffing and chipping. They come in folding box, tent, roof-mount umbrella, and expandable cocoon types, among others. Most often, though, they're sturdy plastic sheets that offer a basic level of protection, with anchoring points for tying them down and helping prevent slippage. Some custom car covers even have dedicated pockets; they shield body parts like side mirrors or exterior accessories like spoilers.

Interior car covers are another. They protect tools and equipment like car jacks, plus seat upholstery. Many are lightweight, woven polyester, and lined with soft materials that aren't as abrasive. Lots are made loose or form-fitting, some breathe, and others are water-resistant.

Store Your Car or SUV with Peace of Mind | Install Genuine Mercedes-Benz Car Covers

Vehicle covers made by your OEM specifically for your car or SUV model will fit it, guaranteed. You can order them online from Mercedes-Benz here at our auto parts store. Just be sure to browse by your model and model year. Buy today, and we'll ship them out to your address immediately.