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Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek

Mercedes-Benz E 400 Model Years

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If there’s one thing Mercedes does right, it’s luxury. The Mercedes E 400 sedan and coupe are some of Mercedes’ newest, most impressive drives on the market, illustrating that even after all these years, nothing beats a Benz. The E-Class coupe is available in a compact two-door design that contains a perfect twin-turbo 3.0L V6 that is a monster on the road. These rides take turns effortlessly, accelerating with grace and getting you where you want to go before everybody else. On the inside, the first thing you’ll notice about these E 400s are their dynamic lighting features that allow you to personally customize the colors inside your Benz. They also come equipped with semi-self-driving technology that is reminiscent of a Tesla--only, the Mercedes looks a bit better. All in all, Mercedes E 400 creates an incredibly stylish, performance-inspired option for those who don’t mind making a statement everywhere they drive. Shop our OEM E 400 parts and accessories and keep your car in good shape.