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Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek

Mercedes-Benz G 500 Model Years

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Before the everyday (luxury) driver got a hold of them, Mercedes’ famous “G-wagon” had been produced primarily for the military, providing a hefty off-road option that was reminiscent of the Hummer. Eventually, civilian models were announced so that everyone could enjoy the beautiful mix of high-class and rugged that Mercedes had crafted. In 1998, the new G 500 was introduced in the US by select manufacturers and its popularity skyrocketed. This G-Class SUV, had a stout body style, and was designed to be taken on or off-road. Some of its earlier models contained 5.0L V8 engines and produced almost 300 horsepower. On the interior, however, the G 500s looked just like your classic luxurious Mercedes with leather upholstery and the comfortability features Mercedes are known for. Since its production, we’ve seen the transformation and discontinuation of the G 500, but the new G-wagons still showcase their predecessor’s best features.  You can find parts and accessories for your G 500 here on our Official Mercedes-Benz Parts Store.