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Mercedes-Benz 190 E Model Years

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From the company’s creation, Mercedes has always been known for luxury. With luxury has typically come with quite the high price point that not everybody can get a taste of-- until the 190 E was introduced, that is. Back in 1984, Mercedes produced the I90E, a new member of the E-class that sported a whole new look and appealed to customers of practically all budgets. The 190 E was much more rugged compared to Mercedes’ typical sleeker looks; the body was incredibly strong and provided a smooth, sturdy ride.  It looked more like your everyday drive and sure proved to be a reliable one, as people are still seeking out 190 Es despite their discontinuation over two decades ago. Eventually, this model went on to compete in both the European Touring Car Championship and the German Touring Car Championship, dominating and continuing to show the world all that Mercedes can do. Find the best OEM 190 E parts and accessories here on our Official Mercedes-Benz Parts Store.