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Common Mercedes-Benz C 300 Repairs

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Auxiliary Battery Malfunction

Your C 300's auxiliary battery powers non-essential electronics in your vehicle. It will power your instrument cluster, radio, GPS, and other electrical components. Having a dead or malfunctioning auxiliary battery will not keep your vehicle from starting, but can make your drive less enjoyable, and less safe. With a malfunctioning auxiliary battery in your C 300 you will find safety features stop working such as blind spot indicators, lane keeping assist, and similar lighting notifications. The battery will need to be replaced before any of these systems will come back online.

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 Auxiliary Battery and how to replace it if you ever need to. 

Mercedes-Benz C 300 4MATIC Problems

Your C 300's 4MATIC system is its all-wheel drive system technology. The 4MATIC system has a Electronic Stability Program (ESP) paired with an Electronic Traction System (ETS) then senses different levels of traction on the road and applies brakes and drive torque to each wheel independently based on the sensor's readings in order to give you much more control of your vehicle in less than optimal road conditions. To stay safe when driving, you should look for signs of problems with your 4MATIC system. 

Some common problems that can signify your system needs repairs are:

  • Excessive Noise
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Excessive Vibration
  • Defective Modules and Sensors

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 4MATIC System, how to spot issues before they become too big, and how to fix the issues so you can stay safe on the road. 

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Fuel Pump Problems

Your C 300's fuel pump is an integral part of your Mercedes' fuel system. It works to draw fuel from your tank your engine so it is important to watch out for issues. Although your fuel pump does not need to be replaced as often, problems from use can still occur. 

Common symptoms of a bad fuel pump are:

  • Whining or Howling Noises From The Gas Tank
  • Loss of Power
  • Check Engine Lights On
  • Loss of Fuel Economy

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 Fuel Pump along with troubleshooting methods and how to replace your fuel pump.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Not Starting

Over time and use of your vehicle, certain components can wear down and the failure of some of the components can cause your vehicle not to start.

Here are some common reasons why your Mercedes-Benz C 300 will not start when you go to turn it on:

  • Dead Battery
  • Faulty Starter
  • Clogged Fuel Filter
  • Faulty Ignition Switch

Learn More About Why Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 Won't Start, how to diagnose the issue, and how to replace the right parts to get it going again.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Power Steering Malfunction

Your C 300's power steering system works to make it easier to turn the steering wheel when driving. The fluid is located within a hydraulic pump and moves a series of pistons, which churn gears into action. Over time, this operation can get damaged due to power steering fluid leaks and power steering belt damage. 

The most common issues to look for when diagnosing a power steering malfunction in your C 300 are:

  • Power Steering Fluid Leaks
  • Noises When Turning the Steering Wheel
  • Difficulty Turning The Steering Wheel

Note: A Recall was made on the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C 300 Model. This affected roughly 28,000 vehicles manufactured between January 27 and December 1, 2014. If this model matches your vehicle, visit the NHTSA website and enter your VIN to see an open list of all outstanding recalls specific to your vehicle.

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 Power Steering System, how to spot the issues above, and what steps to take to fix the problem.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 SRS Malfunction

Your C 300's SRS (Supplement Restraint System) refers to your entire airbag system, consisting of airbags, your airbag control unit, emergency seat belt tensioners, belt force limiters, crash sensors, and front passenger seat occupancy sensors. All of these relay information back to a module that tells what each system to to in the event of an accident. Your SRS system is a very complicated system that will require a professional Mercedes-Benz technician to diagnose and repair. This system is self-managing and if a sensor is defective it will show an airbag warning light on your dashboard.

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 SRS System and what to do when you suspect it has malfunctioned.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 Transmission Problems

Your C 300's transmission system is made up of many different parts and is responsible for sending power to your wheels and shifting gears based on what speed you are going. 

Some common symptoms to look out for that may signal that there is a problem with your transmission system are:

  • Grinding Noises While Driving
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid
  • Broken Oil Cooler Hose
  • Broken Oil Pressure Switch

Fixing your transmission is often better left to the hands of a professional Mercedes-Benz technician.

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz C 300 Transmission, symptoms to look out for, and the steps to take to getting it fixed.