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Mercedes-Benz R350 Engine Problems - How To Troubleshoot And Fix

Your Mercedes-Benz R350's engine is arguably the most important part of your vehicle, feeding on fuel to fire off a series of pistons and cylinders responsible for the motion of your wheels. Specifically, it is responsible for converting combustion energy to mechanical energy.

What Are Some Common Engine Problems With the Mercedes-Benz R350?

Oftentimes, the Mercedes-Benz R350 can suffer drops in engine performance due to a variety of factors, including instant impact, normal wear and tear, and unexpected defects.

Let’s focus on troubleshooting and finding Mercedes-Benz R350 common engine problems and solutions.

Sputtering Noises from the Engine

Continual knocking noises from under the hood could be the result of loose or defective engine bearings, cracked engine blocks, or blown pistons, rings, cylinders, rods, pins, and bearings. A blown engine produces large cracking noises, rattling sounds, tapping sounds, and white or blue smoke coming from the exhaust.

Clogged Fuel Injectors

Fuel injector nozzles feed fuel to your cylinders using a precise air and fuel mixture that flows into your intake manifold before compressing in your combustion chamber. Often, hydrocarbons, debris, and other particles can collect within the storage tank. Drawn by ethanol, outside moisture can also penetrate internal components, causing corrosion.

Signs of defective fuel injectors include a rough engine start and a worsening fuel economy.

Unclogging fuel injectors correctly involves the process of removing your Mercedes-Benz R350's filter basket, eliminating sediment and dirt built-up, and installing new filter baskets. From there, you should perform a complete test to ensure fuel injectors are spraying correctly and achieving optimal air to fuel ratios. Be sure to get an OEM Mercedes-Benz fuel injector if you find you need a replacement. 

Worn Spark Plugs

Responsible for igniting fuel in your vehicle's engine, spark plugs are prone to heavy wear and tear. Defective spark plugs can result in weak or faulty sparks, decreasing your engine's power and fuel economy. OEM Mercedes-Benz spark plugs are the best option when looking to replace old ones. 

Broken Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump feeds fuel from the fuel tank to your engine. This process uses a series of spark plugs that ignite and create optimal air-to-fuel ratios needed based on driving conditions. A defective fuel pump could cause your pistons to misfire. If left untreated for a long time, your car may also fail to start.

One trick to keeping a fuel pump performing optimally is to continually have a quarter or more gas in the tank. Anything less, and your gas tank may overheat. Another tip is to perform regularly scheduled maintenance to check fuel system and filter health.  Like the fuel injector, the highest quality fuel pump you will find will be an OEM Mercedes-Benz fuel pump.

Check Engine Light Turns On

At times, your Mercedes-Benz R350 check engine light may turn on. Whenever it lights up, it could be indicative of a variety of minor and major issues, including but not limited to defective oxygen sensors, ignition coils, mass air flow sensors, fuel injectors, thermostats, and evaporative emissions purge control valves. Generally, one can continue to drive as long the vehicle is not performing erratically. However, it is crucial to check your Check Engine Light using a diagnostic scanner as early as possible.

Failing Camshaft

You may come across unexpected Mercedes-Benz R350 camshaft problems. Your camshaft is responsible for optimizing each cylinder piston's movement and ensuring the correct firing of spark plugs. With a healthy camshaft, pressing on the gas pedal with different pressures delivers the right amount of power depending on the driving scenario.

Signs of a faulty camshaft include backfiring, misfiring at high RPMs, and loud grinding noises. This could be due to worn bearings, a break, or defective lobes. Leaving this issue unattended could distribute damage elsewhere, including your crankshaft and pistons. Get an OEM Mercedes-Benz camshaft as a replacement to ensure it will be high quality and last a long time.