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Mercedes-Benz R350 Power Steering Problems - How To Troubleshoot and Fix

Power steering allows drivers to turn the wheel easily. It incorporates a power steering pump that passes power steering fluid through your vehicle's hydraulic system, allowing the pistons and gears to move in unison, keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Oftentimes, power steering systems can become defective due to normal wear and tear or sudden breaks.

Keep reading to learn more about Mercedes-Benz R350 issues that cause power steering problems and their solutions, including how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair.

What Are Some Symptoms of a Power Steering Malfunction In Your Mercedes-Benz R350?

Fluid Leaks

Your power steering system uses fluid to feed your steering wheel's hydraulic system. Sometimes, a lack of power could be due to a loss of pressure through the hydraulic system related to a leak. Typically, you can detect leaks by observing fluid pooling around pump seals and threaded connections.

One reason for the leaking could be a bad steering pump, which produces a whining or grinding noise upon steering. If you find you need a new pump be sure to replace the old one with an OEM Mercedes-Benz power steering pump to ensure it will last a long time.

Clogged Power Steering System

Your power steering system can clog due to excessive rust and contaminants within the fluid. This issue reduces the flow of fluid through the system, resulting in a loss of power. Solving this problem is relatively straightforward with a simple drain and flush of your power steering system and adding in fresh power steering fluid and a stop leak power steering fluid additive.

Another byproduct of this issue is low power steering fluid. The lower the power steering fluid, the less pressure on the fluid moving through the system. This usually results in jerky steering, whining noises, and stiff wheel turns.

Difficulty Turning the Wheel and Noise

Is your Mercedes-Benz steering wheel hard to turn? One of the most common symptoms of a defective power steering system is difficulty turning the wheel. This is due to low power steering pump output pressure or a clogged fluid line. Sometimes, a steering wheel may be easier to turn upon engine start and get progressively harder as you go.

You may experience Mercedes-Benz power steering pump noise as well. The noise when turning is typically heard upon engine start and with every turn of the steering wheel.

Should You Fix Mercedes-Benz R350 Power Steering Problems Yourself Or Take it to a Mercedes-Benz Technician/Dealership?

To address Mercedes-Benz R350 power steering problems, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and repair on your own.

One step is to inspect your power steering fluid levels. For this, you will need the following tools - funnel, power steering fluid (if required), and microfiber towels.

  1. Under the hood, locate your power steering fluid cap and remove it.
  2. Check the level by observing the low, medium, and high lines. Ensure your fluid line is at the max area (top line).
  3. Reinstall the cap tightly.
  4. If you are low on power steering fluid, perform the following steps. For this, you will need a catch can, turkey baster, and paper towels.
  5. Check your owner's manual for the recommended power steering fluid.
  6. Take the power steering pump reservoir cap off.
  7. Draw out old power steering fluid from the reservoir using the turkey baster, releasing it back into the catch can. Repeat this process until you remove all of the fluid.
  8. Turn the steering wheel from lock to unlock and watch power steering fluid fill the reservoir back up.
  9. Repeat the process of turning the steering wheel and using the turkey baster to catch the old fluid and pass it to the catch can.
  10. Use a funnel to fill the reservoir with the new fluid. Check the owner's manual to confirm the exact amount of fluid needed.
  11. Place the reservoir cap back on and start the engine. This process will drop fluid levels, allowing you to add more fluid until the reservoir is full.

Once full, perform a quick test drive to ensure no whirring or grinding noises with your steering wheel.

All in all, power steering is a key operation of your Mercedes-Benz R350. Without a working power steering system, turning the steering wheel with one hand is virtually impossible.