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Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek

Mercedes-Benz C 220 Model Years

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As this first-generation C-class, Mercedes’ C 220 showed customers that Benz knows how to do a luxury sedan right. First introduced back in the 90s, the C 220 was one of the first and only cars in the US market to have a four-cylinder engine. This 2.2L was small but put out a perfect 148 horsepower that made the compact sedan fly on the roads. Its response time was quick and the C 220 could accelerate without any issue. On the inside, you could tell this older sedan was a Benz because of its gorgeous, Clean interior and advanced technology--even in the 90s. While the C 220 has been off of the production line for years, you’re likely to still see these babies being driven today. As a super reliable, easy-to-drive vehicle, the C 220s are sought-after by car lovers even 25 years later.